Japanese Carry Truck

Hello Everyone!  I have been gone for quite some time now I know.  The sadness you have felt can likely be attributed to the absence.  It is almost as if I don't care about you, but you would be wrong.  I care very much about you mainly because without you, I would be talking to myself.  Actually, that might not be entirely bad.  I am pretty interesting!  You are all so great!  Clearly, my greatness is contagious.  Anyways, I will proceed to the "goods" so to speak.


I have had some time to work on some personal work so here is what I have ben doing for the last week or so!



So there it is so far!  I did not stitch the halves together for the renders cause I am not fully done yet so forgive the harsh ridge down the middle of some pieces.  The main thing I have left is the dashboard.  SO many tiny shapes and what not!  I will be working on that this coming week.  Now for the end game!  DO any of you remember this?



I was working on this awhile ago and now would like to finish it.  The carry truck will be part of this.  After my high res version is done, I will bake the normals down to a lower res version and texture it for the CryEngine.  If all goes well it will look awesome and if not I will pretend I never mentioned it......as will you.  I have a ways to go but I have some time to go forward with it.


Thanks for dropping by!  I will keep this updated for now till something more important comes up then I will ignore it as if it was someone who talks too much and loves all aspects of dirt.  See you later!

Transformers Guns

My absence from my blog must have come as a shock to you all.  Sometimes life comes to you with something so large that you can not refuse it.  People who are above the rest of us, who operate in the shadows and change the way the world and its people evolve need the assistance of someone trained from birth for the sole purpose of helping those who should never require the help.  Things have happened and the world has changed in ways you will never know.  The human race has been changed and our futures altered, right down to each and every piece of our DNA.  Soon, you will all recognize these changes, just as you will all realize why these changes have been made.  Use what I have been trained to give you.  Do not disappoint the ones who came before me.  Show them that I have done my job and defend yourselves, your race, your planet.  Change, evolve, survive.


None of that happened.........or did it.  I am back at the 3D, though I am not continuing on with the last project I was working on.  I will get back to it but I wanted a break.  I decided to work on some modeling pieces, some guns.  Yes yes I know, everybody does guns!  These are different and I want to use them for a different purpose.  Kit bashing!  This is where you take random pieces and jam them all together to create a larger detailed piece.  Cool idea right, well, I needed to make some pieces.  I wanted to go a sci-fi route so that I can create cool ships and what not, so I did!


Transformers guns!  I got the art for them from the mobile game, Transformers Legends.  Every now and then I will model up a new one and add it to the special team of guns in hopes that I will eventually have enough pieces that I can create some cool ships and what not.  It is the plan, so shall it move slowly forward until I get bored with it and stop.  As is the process.  Its not like you have finished everything you started!  Yeah, that's right, go finish that book you were going to write or that comic you were going to create.........I'm sorry, I didn't mean to point out your short comings.  Like your cynicism towards my work process or your extreme sadness about me not blogging for a bit.  Gather yourself up.  Gees.


Will be back when I have something new to show!  Remember,  you need to use the gifts I have given you.  Become what you need to be.  See you next time!  No, kidding, nothing changed.  Maybe it did.  Bye!

Model a Week - Week 19

I am back!  I know you have probably already called the police and there is most likely an investigation into the so-called whereabouts of Mr.Cougan Waddell ESQ.  Well the reports of me aquiring the ESQ title have been greatly exaggerated though I don't see why I shouldn't be given the title.  I've seen the watches, nothing crazy special.  Heavy and bulky is all I see.  Anyways, Sir Cougan Waddell will show you what he did this week!


This week I decided to finish up another prop for the scene.  Have you ever been involved in an underground riot?  Oh, well I totally have!  I am always protesting transit policies by staging underground sit ins and what not.  Yeah, activist and all that.  So one of our post-protest rituals is to get hosed down, you know, group cleansing.  It is always a good time though the power from the hose can be a little much.  Anyways, this weeks prop is a tribute to the hose down!

Would you look at that.  A tiny little indoor hydrant all ready to be hooked to a hose that will be used to spray all us protesting hippies.  So much fun we will have being pushed down the walkway by a steady stream of water.  Just be dead weight everyone, just be dead weight.

There is some mesh for you there.  Simple but obviously perfect!  I am not quite sure what I will be working on next week but I will be sure to have something for you.  I am starting to learn MARI as well so I might even have a prop that has been textured in MARI.


Thanks for stopping by again and checking out the goods.  Again, I apologize for not posting last week but as you should have noticed by now, I was receiving my knightship and my esquire title.  Clearly had important stuff going on.  Don't be selfish you guys!  See you next week!

Subway Scene - Update 4

I am such a busy man.  I currently have two of the five people who follow this blog here visiting me today and yet I still managed to ignore them long enough to blow the other three peoples minds.  I need to focus on the other three because the two I have staying with me are already enthralled by my face.  It's because it is awesome!


Alrighty, on to what I will be blowing minds with today!  You have seen a lot of finished props all fully textured and lit so far but what I will show today is a bit different.  They are called, tiled textures.  These textures are used to optimize texturing of large areas while maintaining texture detail.   I will show you some of these textures along with the normal maps and specular maps so you get a good idea of how they will show up in a game engine.

Now to most of you this will look like a picture of a fancy floor tile.  That is because it is.  So smart you think you are.  The cool thing about this is the normal map.  The normal map creates a 3D effect by telling the light what to do when it bounces off the map.  When the light moves, the specular highlights will move across the map making it look like all the details have been modeled in when in fact, I just used the mystic powers I get from beheading other 3D artists.  There can be only one!

Tiling textures everywhere!  I hope you take notice of the specular hit in the middle of each of the textures.  This is to show the spec map and to accentuate the normal map as well.  Obviously this will not be exactly where the lights will land, it is just to show off the textures.


So there you have it!  These will mean more to you later once you see where these textures will be used but for now, use your damn imaginations.  I can't do everything around here!  I hope you enjoyed the look and you may even understand all the awesome work this actually is.  So good.  See you all next week...........maybe.

Subway Scene - Update 3

Yesterday it felt like I had missed something.  A paranoid feeling that a large amount of people were judging me for something I didn't do.  I couldn't figure out what it was and then I was attacked by one of my ravenous fans who was yelling, "the end of the world in nigh!"  He had a very thrifty hat on made of tinfoil that I believe he got at one of those new age stores that sell a pair of jeans for over $100.  After realizing that this man didn't know me and was actually homeless, I quickly remembered that I needed to write my blog!


This week I have made some changes to the Subway scene that I am going to share with you because, in grade 11, I was taught that sharing is good.  Now I could tell you all the changes I have made but that is nowhere near as cool as showing you.  Come over here into this dark corner and I will show you something you are going to like.

So as you can see I have made quite a few changes!  Added a lot more detail and although I am not ready to show it yet, I have also been working on some of my tiled textures.  Getting the spec and normals right so the diffuse can really snap, crackle and pop, Kelloggs Subway Station!  It has your daily intake of awesome, cool and sweet.  All those in one!  Amazing.

I still have a lot of work to do but for the most part it is ready for engine and textures.  I want to determine a lighting sceme once I get this in engine as well so that I can play with some shadows and see where most of the details will come out.


There it is!  How do you like that?  I am sure that homeless guy will be all over this once he checks his facebook and sees that I have posted it there.  That guy will do anything for some change.  Anyways, if you guys show up next week I may give you all some change as well!  NOT!  I don't get paid much at all so if you can find the homeless guy he might share with you.  I am sure he went to grade 11.  BYE!

Model a Week - Week 18

Alright, so it isn't technically still a model a week but I don't want to have to think of a new title!  This also helps me keep count.  You know, numbers are hard!  I am sure you were expecting to see more progress on my matte painting and I have made some but I was in need of some modeling so I did us all a favor and made some progress on my scene!


Every now and then while I am walking up the hill to head home after work, I imagine how lazy I am.  I imagine how awesome it would be if I didn't have to put in any more effort than standing still to make my way up that hill.  That is when a wonderful memory of earlier that morning pops into my head.  A wonderful device that allows me to move upwards and forwards without any effort at all!  Have you had the pleasure of experiencing such a feat of technology?  If not I hope my rendition will bring you forwards and upwards into the future!

Yes, the fabled escalator.  Oh, the stories of old do not even tell of such an amazing contraption.  World's of magic and spells have passed and no one could possibly predict what kind of wonders the future would hold.  Some take you up and some take you down and most are simply, 'Out of Order'.  If it kind of looks weird, picture it with a floor.......and possibly moving.

All done then!  I want to work on some more details of my entire scene this week so I should have a lovely progress blog for you at some point.  I won't say when though so that I don't have to!  I will never let you down as long as I never pick you up!  No big deal though, its comfortable down there.  I put down couches and chairs and a 50" TV for you to watch sweet entertainment on!  Might be bugs down there but you are much bigger then they are so use your superior strength to take them out.


Thanks for dropping by again to view my wares.  They are wonderful I will admit, but the only thing more wonderful than my wares.................................myself.  I am more wonderful then my wares.  See you next week!

Matte Painting - The Struggle

Hello people who come here to see what I am doing!  This week has been a pain in the ass and I am glad you are able to come view the pain in my ass.  Luckily it favors one cheek over the other so you won't have to stare into the darkest part of the pain in my ass, just the fringes of it.  I am sure you can do me this favor.  Think of all the mind numbing greatness I have provided you for the past few months.............that is good enough, I don't want you to think too hard about it.


Ok, so after my post last week you will no doubt be really excited to see all the progress I have made on that matte painting I am working on.  After working on it for a few days I realized that I do not have some crazy hidden talent at matte painting.  In fact, I have no direct talent at creating a matte painting what so ever.  Did that stop me?  Damn near!  I am a weak man people........keep me strong!  I feed off of your pity towards me!  Ok, here it is SO FAR!

WHOA!  Awesome right?  Did I just find an image on the internet and claim that it be my matte painting?  Close, it was actually several images that I thew together to create this so far.  I have a long way to go as I have not done much color correction or added shadows for the extra pieces I put in.  I also would like to put some waterfalls in and possibly also put something in the sky.  Probably birds or clouds.  Really now, what else could I possibly put in the sky?

Here is a color coated one to help you understand what I have done so far.  Nothing crazy but you would be surprised at how hard it is to find images that can be properly manipulated to match the others you have stuck together.  Hopefully I will finish with the photo integration this week and also be done with the additive shadows.  You shall see!


That is it for this week.  I know, its not 3D.......god I miss it so much!  My Subway is just hanging out waiting for me.  Next week I will have an update on this and an extra special gift as well.  That gift may even come earlier!  Maybe not, but I will allow you to get your hopes up!  It is the least I can do.  See you next week!

Subway Scene - Update 2

This is later than usual but I have a really good excuse.  I left the power cord for my new laptop at work and my laptop died before I was able to show you the goods for this week........on time.  I wouldn't let you down entirely though, just mostly!  It's cause I care about you THIS much.  You can't see but I had my arms out all the way.  I am 6'3" tall so my wingspan is pretty damn big.  Yeah, THAT much!


Alright, what did I get up to this last week?  Ok ok, this week plus 2 days.  Rub it in why don't you.  I have brought you another update of the subway station scene!  There a a few new additions that I am sure you will enjoy.  I have started to add more detail and changed up a few of the larger pieces to get the proportions working better.  Take a look!

As you can see I have added the canada line rails along with some light fixtures that you may recognize.

I added stairs and an escalator!  These are used for transporting your body up or down either using your own power or electric power.  I am partial to the electric power mainly because I like moving without putting in any effort.  It's so futuristic!  As close as it gets to hover shoes.

I also added some awesome displays that will show when the next train is coming!  It will deliver you to a place that most likely resembles the place you are currently in.  These underground stations aren't very unique but I will ensure mine is!  It will have monsters and what not.  Yeah.......monsters.


Alrighty well there is the update for you this week.  It has been nice working on the overall scene lately and getting to see the larger picture.  My next post will be something different though next week.  I am going to be putting my subway scene on hold to try my hand at a digital matte painting.  It is not a painting in the traditional sense but more a jumble of pieces from different images that I put together in a way that makes it look realistic.  You will understand it better when I show it off.  This project will hopefully allow me to make a department move at work so it will take priority over my personal project for possibly the next couple weeks.  Either way I will keep you in the process!  Should be an interesting project........hopefully it doesn't suck much!

Subway Scene - Update 1

So I imagine you are already surprised by the title of this post.  "Where is my model of the week?" is what you are most likely screaming to the heavens while on your knees.  One of those really cinematic moments.  You are letting the pain flow out of you through the intense volume of your scream and into the world where it will most likely manifest itself into a giant black bird that will feed on the happiness of others.  Well, you shouldn't have done that.  There was no need for it and now there is a giant bird eating peoples happiness.  I don't blame you but it is your pain bird.  Take some responsibility for your pain birds so noone else has to suffer.


Here is why you don't have to worry!  I will still be doing singular models but they may not be every week.  What you will still get every week though is an update on what all those props were building to.  I would like to introduce you to the scene I have been working on.  If you haven't guessed it yet here it is, it is a Subway Station!  More specifically, Broadway Station here in Vancouver.

This is a quick, flat render so you can get a feel for the size and scale of the scene.  I will be using the CryEngine to show off the goods and soon most of my screenshots will be taken from the CryEngine.  These ones are taken from Marmoset.

So as you can see I still have a ways to go.  Many more details need to be added and there will be a lot of work on tiling textures as well as more props to populate the scene with.  The areas above the trains will be glass so you will be able to see the upper walkways that are part of the scene as well.


Well there it is!  A quick glance at the progress I have made so far on this scene.  You can continue to expect weekly updates as I move along and maybe even a couple updates every now and then depending on how much progress I make.  I still have some major props to work on, one of them being the escalator.  I would like to be able to have it animated later on so that will be a fun challenge when I get to it.  Before I go, I also have another bit of news to excite you with!

This is my new laptop!  It has all that I need in it to make all the wonderful things I make look as good as possible!  It also allows me to play some awesome games.......but I don't do that.......to busy working!

This is clearly a picture of me working hard and being elated over figuring something out that had been bothering me.  I work too hard sometimes.


So there you have it!  So much to go through and so much to deal with whether you like it or not.  When Cougan gives you lemons you take them with a huge smile on your face because the lemons that Cougan shares are actually sweet lemons that taste like cinnamon buns.  If you don't like those then just replace them with something you do like.  Gees, do I have to do everything for you?!  Love you all, come back next week!

Model a Week - Week 17

My goodness, are you still coming back?  I haven't even had to start posting pictures of myself in .......... flattering poses.  Though, with enough requests, I may start a different kind of "model a week"!  What, I just couldn't resist.  Its been 17 weeks and I haven't earned the right to use that joke finally!?  My goodness you are touchy.  You are so lucky that I am still going to show you what I got this week.


So I didn't do a crazy amount this week.  Did a small prop that I noticed in my reference images but again, you really don't deserve anything more than that because of your sub par laughter at my sweet model joke.  I just........... I just don't even know if I can do this now.  It was crazy funny and I don't even think you appreciated it. I thought we had the same sense of humour but I guess not.  Whatever, here is what I made.

It is a different type of security camera.  Yeah, I have a security camera already but what does it matter?  You  think you're so smart but clearly you aren't.  If you're so smart then you know what the mesh for this looks like already.  Damn it, a different kind of model a week!  


Alright well clearly this week didn't go so well between us.  I said an awesome joke and you failed to understand the hilarity and complexity behind it.  I assume you are sorry and are willing to accept the fact that it was hilarious.  Because of this apology I will be back next week for another installment.  We can be friends again, maybe.  I miss you.

Model a Week - Week 16

16 weeks!  This is pretty much a pregnancy at this point and you are all the midwife!  Congratulations!  Your hands are now covered in the goo that is my model a week.  That is the scientific term for the stuff that comes out with the baby.  You can look it up but you don't have to prove me right.  So yes, using the same analogy, last week the baby's head made its way through and this week is the rest of its body!  A true miracle I have for you this week.


Last week was the front of the Canada line here in Vancouver, this week is the rest of it!  I did a door section and a mid section so that I can make it as long as I need.  Check it!

So, the interior I didn't detail as much as you will not be able to go inside anyways, you will only see it from the outside.  I know, I know, everyone wants to ride the train but I said no so that is that!  I used one texture for all the pieces.  The exterior will be shiny and a bit reflective once I get it into the scene and place my lights where I need them.  Here is a quick mesh shot of the inside!

Not the clearest mesh shot but why would I give away all my secrets?  I am just going to say that I used magic and leave it at that.  I'm sure you can appreciate that, its mystical and interesting rather than technical and boring.  You're welcome.


Alrighty, so that was week 16!  Labour intensive it has been but the baby is healthy and might have super powers.  Probably super strength.  It's tall as well.  Real nice calves, I mean for a baby.  Probably allows it to jump real high as well.  High for a baby?  Would that be considered a superpower?  Ant's can lift a huge amount compared to their weight but do people consider them super powered?  Its a grey area that we can discuss at a later date.  Next week I will have another model and I may surprise all of you wonderful people with a full scene update!  I imagine that if I keep saying that you will keep tuning in even if I don't update the whole scene.  I am a PR genius!  See you next week!

Model a Week - Week 15

Alright so I made you wait a day but it was for an extremely awesome reason.  E3!!!  If you do not know what E3 is, I am going to need you to take your dominate hand and lift it up to about neck hight.  Curl your fingers up and make a nice solid fist.  Now close your eyes................and punch yourself in the face.  Alrighty, now that we have that all cleared up we can move on!  No no, I will explain.  E3 is a gamers Christmas and this year it was as if Christmas was being held on a tropical island and we were all recieving alcoholic beverages with tiny umbrellas in them.  Also, when we walk the beach, only the vendors we actually want to buy from come by and offer us cool stuff.  The cool stuff is awesome games and new consoles.  I seem to have worked my way back around.  E3 was awesome this year because of the new consoles!


To the model this week!  Week 15 it is I think so that is what I will call it.  If you have a better idea for a title keep it to yourself cause I will not go back 14 weeks and change the titles.  Terrible idea.  So last week probably left you wanting more because you are greedy and treat me like some kind of awesome asset sweatshop!  This week my model will kind of reveal my overall project so brace yourselves!  BRACE!

This is the Canada Line train, well the front/end of it.  I ride it everyday to work and try to avoid eye contact with every crazy person on it.  As well as people who aren't crazy.  I just really don't want to see people checking me out and all that.  You know how it is, probably.  Always being eyed up.  Just cause I wear tight leather pants and a button shirt that I never button up doesn't mean my sweet body can be checked out.  It can, go for it.  Now check out the mesh!

So there it is!  A day late but you can live with it right?  Just like I have to live with your scrutiny!  Get over it.......then come back and get over it again next week when I show off the next model!  Maybe even give you an update on the whole project if I feel like you deserve it.  You better be on your best behaviour this week!  BYE!

Model a Week - Week 14

We are back again it would seem for another installment of Model a Week!  How many weeks has it been now?  14!  Oh my goodness, how much longer can I go before I just outright disappoint all six of you?  How much longer until I post a weird looking picture of myself and describe the unusual circumstances under which it was taken without even referencing the obvious fact that I did not post a new model for the week?  Not long I imagine.  I already have a few of those awesome pictures of myself just waiting to be pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.  Yeah, you know where that line came from!


This week I made a good amount of progress on my overall scene.  I got the layout matching my reference rather well and started work on some of the smaller details.  Now that I got your hopes up, I am not going to show you the overall scene yet.  BAM!  Yes, now lower your expectations so that you are ready for the underwhelming model I have for you this week.  Wait, did I say model?  I meant MODELS!  Yes, I have more than one.  Were they simple?  Yes, but someone had to do them and you sure as hell weren't volunteering!  Sorry, sorry I didn't mean to blame you, it's just that it's your fault and all so it was justified. Now to the models!

A wet floor sign and a fire bell!  How do these two items relate?  They do not.  It was just an easy way to do two models to impress you.  It's cause I like you so much!  Your hair and face and other "assets".  Anyways, here are the complicated meshes that make up these beasts I have nicknamed Pilon and Ringer!

Pilon is a sturdy companion and is always looking out for you.  Ringer likes long walks on the beach and is a huge fan of dogs.


Alright, week 14 is packed away in the archive to never be seen again.  I really need to start carving these in stone so that thousands of years from now I can use them as pieces of my throne while I rule the world with my robot body that has kept me alive for all those years.  Beware my future, robot body and cower in its presence!

Model a Week - Week 13

Here we are again.  Quite a familiar feel now after 13 weeks of models.  I would imagine you wouldn't be able to function without my model a week in your routine.  Yes, model a week.  Engraved into your daily routine like heading to work, reading the news or taking your morning sit down on the porcelain throne.  I think that was the most tasteful way of describing that right?  Damn right!  Poetic potty humour is really where I shine.


So after my opening statement you probably think you have this weeks model all figured out.  Sittin' at home in your lazy boy with your feet up while nodding positively about how clever you are and how much you know.  Just so into yourself aren't you.  First, it isn't a toilet.  Second, if you didn't guess toilet I have no idea what your thought process is.  I practically wrote, "it's a toilet" in the opening even though it isn't.  Crazy.  This weeks model is all about doors, so naturally, its a door!

As you can tell this is an "Emergency Exit Only".  It seems to also to state, through amazing imagery, that if you are in a wheel chair you need to use a phone dangling in front of you as motivation to get away from fire if that happens to be the problem.  Either that or the guy is fleeing the scene after he caused the explosion and needs to get to a phone to call his boss to let him know that the job is done.  A mystery.  TIME FOR MESH!

Oh so beautiful it is and such a mystery as well.  What is behind that door?  The signs would have you believe that it will lead you to the electrical room, electronic equipment room and the sprinkler room.  Also, there is an emergency stretcher in there apparently.  Are you really going to believe the signs though?  I know what is behind there and yes it is all those things that are on the signs on the door.............or is it?  I can feel your intrigue.  I will leave you with it.


Along with these models, I have been working on the layout of my overall scene and trying to get the scale  down so that I can just move the finished stuff in when its ready.  I might reveal that at a different date.  You shall see!  See you next week! 

Model a Week - Week 12

12 weeks straight!  Did I miss a week..........NOPE!  12 weeks of anything is probably considered an addiction but don't worry, this isn't an intervention.  I will continue to provide you with the "substance" you require mainly because sending you to a fancy rehab center in California that is run by some TV doctor is far too expensive.  Plus, your not a quitter are you?


Alright, so this week you will be stunned.  You will need to sit down so that you can then move forward to the edge of your seat to wait in anticipation of my reveal!  Don't have a seat?  Maybe your seat is far too comfortable and you need to find one that would be much less awesome.  Either way, I have your problem solved with this weeks model a week!

This, as you can hopefully see is a small metal bench.  I was a bit more slack this week so I went with an object that I didn't want to do just because it wasn't going to be a really crazy, awesome object but it needed to be done.  Simple texture and all that but the alpha worked excellently and it is a nice match to my reference.  Plus, if you sat on it while naked you would have small, round, bumps all over your ass.  Awesome.

Simple model, quick to finish.  Alrighty, next week will be a new model again but I am not 100% which one I will be doing yet.  IT"S A SURPRISE!  Quick note, I saw Iron Man 3 on the weekend and I thought it was an awesome movie.  Witty and serious at the same time while bringing the action that you want to see in a super hero movie.  If you are a fan of comics and any of the marvel movies in general, you should go see it!

Alright my pretties come back next week!

Model a Week - Week 11

Here I am again, back on time!  I was thinking of maybe just ignoring this whole thing after the backlash I took last week for posting my blog a day late.  Actually no one said anything...............cause I am sure it wasn't a big deal right!?  Welcome back again for another model of the week!  11 weeks and slowly but surely I am creating a larger scene for all to enjoy!


You must be asking what I could have possibly done this week and I would interrupt you and tell you to stop right there!  You will go no further or, "you shall not pass!"  Yeah, if your cool you get that one!  So awesome.  So why would I tell you that you have to stop?  Cause I made a stop sign!  Ha, no I didn't!

A lovely security gate, but what area is it restricting you from exploring?  Are there monsters that will turn to smoke so that you inhale them and then they turn back in to monsters while in your lungs and their size causes you to explode?  Maybe, but you'd be wrong cause they would probably just eat you or something.  The other option is overly complicated and clearly created by someone under the influence.  Am I?  No I am not, but you are the one who came up with the crazy idea!  Lung monsters.......CMON!

Alrighty, there it is!  Week 11 is over and because I wrote this out on Sunday I want to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day from your extraordinary son!  This security gate represents you keeping me safe from bad things as I grew up.  Yeah yeah, a sweet analogy is what I was going for!  Love you Mom!


Come back next week to see what prop I have made and how it contributes to the overall scene that you still naively believe I am making!

Model a Week - Week 10

Calm down, calm down.  Did you think I forgot about you?  I didn't, I just didn't have time yesterday.  Shift change and what not so you can put down your pitch forks and torches and go back to your homes to finish reading my cg goodness.  Bunch of drama queens over here.


This week's project isn't a crazy break through but it is an essential piece of my overall plan.  Like that green crap they put on the sides of fancy dishes that your are supposedly not supposed to eat.........it will add an extra touch to everything.  I didn't know you weren't supposed to eat it.  Damn it I paid for it!  It tasted horrible so I spit it out, where did I spit it out............into a garbage can!

Yes yes, I know I already did a garbage can and this one isn't crazy complicated but that is your opinion and I don't care to pay attention to it.  Unfortunately with this one I ran into a familiar problem, can't do reflections without DX11 cause my graphics card is crap.  Don't fret though, I will be getting a new computer sooner than later and then I can bust out reflection glory!  GLORY!  An Alienware laptop should do nicely!  MESH!


So there it is, simple model, simple texture.  It will look much better with some nice reflections and the lighting scheme I have in mind.  It will be amazing and you know it!  Yeah you do!  Alrighty, I am off to create the next part of my scene.  Scene ho!

Model a Week - Week 9

*Awesome, welcoming music plays as camera pans the crowd of happy viewers while they clap.  Random ladies scream out, "we love you Cougan!"  Camera cuts to me sitting at a lovely oak desk with the name of my show, model a week, on the front.  Camera zooms in on me as applause quiets down.*


Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of Model a Week!  I am your host Cougan and with us today is a very special guest.  He has been waiting for 9 weeks now to make his first appearance on my show and after all that time I finally got him!  My guest is very subtle and always has his eye on the world.  He has helped solve many crimes and has also provided us with tons of laughs over the years, please help me in welcoming my recently modeled security camera!

Hello security camera and welcome to my stage!  Now I hear you have been selected to be a character in a larger scene.  Are you excited to play a pivotal role in this new scene?  Yes yes, I hear that it will be amazing as well and if it isn't I assume it will never see the light of day.  Over the next few weeks we will be revealing more players in this upcoming scene that will play roles alongside security camera.  Now here is a behind the scenes sneak peek of security camera's work.



Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode.  We had a wonderful time chatting with security camera and his upcoming role.  Hopefully he plays it well or he will most likely be replaced and never seen again.  He has mentioned that before he takes on his role that he may need a bit of plastic surgery to fit in better if need be.  We shall see!  Have a good night everybody!


*Crowd applauds and credits role while me and Security Camera chat about something mundane but make it look interesting enough that you are at home thinking about how cool it would be to know what we are talking about.  HINT:  Its not about you.........*

Fan Expo 2013

What is this you ask?  Cougan is allowing us the pleasure of reading his wonderful words twice in one week!  I am!  As the title would suggest this post is possibly about our little trip to Fan Expo 2013!  I managed to get Sunday off to go check it out.  There were some awesome costumes and some cool stuff to see.  So many costumed heroes that wanted my picture so I obliged of course.

The costumes kept coming and its a good thing too!  Fan Expo is a sweet place to check out but with a $30 entry fee for one day it is quite underwhelming with what you actually get out of it.  Your swagless when you walk out unless you drop some cash on a large selection of t-shirts, figures, art prints, comics or autographs.  Lots of cool stuff to buy for sure, but after paying $30 to get in you are a bit hesitant to drop any more cash to buy something.  However, I did buy a couple art prints which will look awesome hanging up in my house!


So, as I said, the costumes kept coming!

Pretty sweet stuff for sure and it inspired me to make sure that next year I go, I go dressed up in a good costume.  Not sure what to go as but I want to make sure it matches my body type somewhat so I could pull it off nicely.  Anyone got any ideas?


Among all the costumes were some cool things to check out as well!

This lego Hulk was accompanied by a lego Yoda as well as a lego mural of the Ninja Turtles!  Awesome!  The reboot character is Captain Capacitor I believe.  I don't know how I remember it but if I am wrong someone call me out.  I'm not so in your face!  That there on the end is the DeLorean!  Everybody knows that!


It was a good time and having that day off was a very nice break.  I got to hang out with my girlfriend, sister and a friend for the day so that made it even better.  They better like this post or I will disown them all!  Next year it sounds like they will be extending the expo for an extra day so 3 days could be pretty cool as long as they make it interesting enough!  More panels would be good and maybe more of an interactive section but either way I am looking to go as someone else!



Model a Week - Week 8


Its the end of the day and I am on the seabus home to the north shore.  What is on my mind? You, of course, and how you are probably wondering what the hell I am doing being so late to post my model of the week for week 8!  For everything I do for you you still have the audacity to call me out? Shame!


This week was a very long week. At the end of last week I started a nice 10 day in a row work binge.  Not ideal but I was working on a pretty cool project.  Even after all that I still produced.  Like a cow after getting hit by a car and still being milked, I still deliver the nutritious CG goodness to you bellies.  Pasteurized yes but whatever!  Now allow me to shed some light on my model of the week for week 8!

Yeah I'm clever, it is a light!  This is designed to be duplicated all over as well as side by side where needed.  Now this is only one piece of a larger project that I will be revealing one piece at a time.  I am working towards a full on scene so you can attempt to put the puzzle together as I throw wonderful pieces in your face.  GEO and DIFFUSE!


So there it is!  Nothing complicated but time was short and you clearly have nothing to complain about cause it was such an "enlightening" model this week!  Ah!  Clever as always, I still got it!  Next week a new piece will be created and you can start your speculation!  If I have time tomorrow I will also post a quick blog about Fan expo here in Vancouver that I attended on Sunday!  Some superheroes wanted their pictures taken with me so I will show some of those off!

Model a Week - Week 7

Week 7, robots in disguise!  7 weeks!  All 7.  If I had to think of anything else I have stuck to for 7 weeks I would have to say......eating.  Certainly something I have been quite dedicated to.  So this week I have had some modeling to do at work which kept me very busy but I still managed to get something together for you to enjoy, love, praise and appreciate.  In whatever order you want.


One of my favorite things to do at work these days besides modeling is to longingly look ourside the window to watch the meter maids wander the street and pass our their vicious ticket justice to people who haven't fed their meters.  I've seen them run out while a ticket was being written and sadly, try to convince the meter maid to walk away but......they have already started.  Good times!  Inspired by this I decided to create.......a meter maid!

Alright so it isn't a meter maid but its the next best thing!  A parking meter!  Took my own texture photos for this one right from the parking meters I watch at work.  That sounds really boring but you are enthralled by it regardless!  Modeling didn't take very long and with perfect reference, that I took, texturing went smoothly as well.  I never knew how clean a parking meter was until I went to take pictures of it.  After I took those pictures, the guy who owned the vehicle that was at that meter awkwardly walked over and checked the meter to see if he had broken some kind of law.  He hadn't, it was Sunday and I don't believe they have to plug the meter.  Lucky, cause it was expired!  Law breaker.


Here is the mesh along with the diffuse map.   Wonderful I know, thank you!  No, your wedding photos should be done by someone else even if you do appreciate my texture work that much.  Taken with the camera on my phone cause my regular camera needed a recharge!  BAM!


So there you have it, week 7.  It was a crazy week and I have quite the headache.  The sound of my own awesomeness pounding inside my head is almost too much.  Too bad it sounds so good.  Self praise! High five, me!  Oh yeah.  See you all next week for week 8 where I will jump 12 buses and light myself on fire at the same time!  That or I model something new........you never know!


Model a Week - Week 6

Oh how the weeks fly by!  Seems like only last week I modeled and textured a porta potty.  Good times were had by all I assume.  I am back again to spam your eyes with as much cg goodness as possible.  If you can't see any of my cg please check your spam folder as it may be filtered there.  I just compared my work to spam emails but whatever, the bit worked!  You judge me so harshly all the time.  Alrighty, on to the work from this week!


Now I don't want you to feel overwhelmed but I have more than just one model to show you this week.  Yes yes I know, please calm down.  So I have two models you must be thinking..........close.  I actually have three!  Take a deep breath now.  I know I shouldn't but you treat me so well by coming back that I have to treat you every now and then right?  Of course i'm right!  I'm always right.  So this week I did up something that I don't do a lot of.  Drugs?  No.  It went rather well and I think my results are satisfactory.  If not, you are picky and should probably change that character trait.  What was it I did?  PLANTS!  I didn't mean to yell.


There you are, look at that botanical garden!  Browse the selection!  I took reference for these plants by looking out the window here at work at what kind of plants the restaurants outside are rockin.  Planes with alphas of course.  Plants are always something I dread doing but I never know why.  I guess just the process of having to duplicate leaves and place them seems tedious but even that isn't bad.  It must stem from some kind of trauma I had as a kid.  You know, plant related tragedies and what not.


Here are my meshes!

So there you have it!  Week 6 is in the books!  You are pretty lucky as I could have just split each one of these up into it's own week and played it off like each one was a major deal.  They are a major deal but I don't need conspiracy theorists tossing around accusations that I am a three plant modeler but only a one plant poster.  Wild!  I am not!  I don't have to defend myself against the likes of you.  Be gone!  Come back next week!

Model a Week - Week 5

I wasn't sure if I got the title right but this is week 5!  This model a week thing is tough, not sure what I am going to do for next week but I may change things up a bit.  Don't worry my children.......I won't forget about you!  


So picture this, you are out walking in the park.  The sun is shining and it is blanketing you in its warmth.  To fight back the heat you decide to stop at the corner store and pick up a slushie.  As you enjoy your refreshing beverage you begin to feel the urge.  You need to go, badly.  Why did you walk so far into the park?  There aren't any bathrooms out here!  Now, some people may find a secluded bush and water it "naturally", but your not like  that!  Mother nature has been kind to you and you do not want to spoil that relationship.  So, you continue your frantic search until off in the distance you see a short, blue tower.  Could it be?  Do I want it to be?  It is!


A porta potty!  Indeed, this is what I bring you this week.  Custom company logo and all.  I advise you not to call the number and by saying that I hope someone calls the number.  Authentic!  Yes, Poo & Go is at your service, it isn't really but to keep up the facade, it is!  Kind of reminds me of the people who suck out the septic tanks with the big septic trucks.  I always had a few names that would have done well in that business.  Crap Carrier, Turd Taker, Shit Sucker, Poop Puller, Excrement Exiter, Feces Freelancer........so many good ones.


There is some mesh for you!  I added some bevels here and there so it wouldn't be so rigid and because I can be a bit more generous with the polygons.  Next gen and all you know.


So that is it for me with the porta potty.  It was good fun, sadly I would have liked to do a bit of sub-surface scattering to get a very small amount of light coming through the plastic but I am limited and I didn't quite have the time or tech to mess with SSS in the Unreal Engine.  Don't blame me, I don't see any of you volunteering to teach me game engine sub-surface scatter!  Lazy.  Anyways, I will see you next week with something.............? Dung Digger!  Just thought that one up at the last moment.  Couldn't leave it out.

Model a Week - Week 4

A whole month!  WOW!  You guys are much more dedicated than I anticipated.  Coming back week after week to relish in my CGness is much appreciated........by you.  I'm kidding, I thank you if you have ever checked out anything I do and this week is no exception! So yes, here we are, week 4!  Three weeks of props behind me and this will make the fourth.  Lets have a look back at those memorable props of the past.  Just imagine a video playing with each of the 3 props spinning slowly while the oscar winner music plays in the background.  Wasn't that tremendous?  So many great memories to explore.  Now here is this week's nominee.


Dumpster by Cougan Waddell                              *applause*


And the winner is...................*fumbles with envelope"...................... Dumpster by Cougan Waddell!  The crowd cheers as I stand and hug my fellow employees because they are the only ones here in the office with me today.  The camera cuts to shots of the losers who are graciously clapping for me while swearing under their breath about my inability to do what it is I just won the award for.  I walk down the aisle up to the stage where I awkwardly hug the presenter of my award and stumble over to the podium while trying to pull out the speech I wrote on the back of a restaurant place mat.  


"I would like to first off thank everyone for finally giving me what I deserve.  My creative vision far surpassed the other nominees and should have been recognized the instant I shared it with the world.  I would also like to thank the restaurant that allowed me to steal a pen and their place mat to write my speech on.  Terrible service, I won't eat there again.  Thank you to the programs I used to create this, maya, photoshop, ummmmm crazybump and marmoset.  I want to thank my parents for doin it to create me and to thank the doctor and nurses for the applause after I was delivered.  It was truly a great day for all of us, thank you."


I am escorted off stage by a clearly jealous usher who probably wishes he was me and led to the back room where I reveal a new piece of the creation that won me my award.


Well there it all is!  Week 4 is a rap and I have no clue what I am doing for week 5!  I am waiting for Bryan to get his website up and running so I can advertise his awesome work and rumor  is, he is working on it!  You didn't hear it from me!  Alrighty people who routinely have enough time to read my blog, we are done here!

Model a Week - Week 3

I know, I am astounded as well!  With the amount of attention I am able to give to you every week, you must wonder how I have time to maintain any kind of life!  Well, any kind of life is exactly what I maintain, but it is all for you!  No no, this isn't a high-five moment so just put your arm down so this doesn't look so awkward.  You really need to work on your timing but we can move forward and put that whole event behind us.


On to what I spent a small amount of my week on this week!  I squeezed every drop of extra time I had into this hardcore, mind melting model.  It is really a metaphor for the current state of humanity.  Busy people with busy lives are neglecting what the human body and mind truly need.  Our daily lives fly by us and the events that take place feel as common as breathing.  We all need to just sit and relax so I made a bench.




Yep, this is art gallery worthy isn't it?  I mean, what it represents is so deep and well thought out that it needs proper recognition!  It took me a couple minutes to come up with that poetry!  C'mon, how long did it take Michelangelo to create David?  Months and all it was was a naked dude!  No big deal, I am sure he worked hard on it or whatever.  Anyways, here is the mesh!


Geo!  Yeah, its low res, it has only what it needs.  It was a quick build and a quick texture mainly because I had a busy week.  


So this week is going to be another new project and it will hopefully turn out to be worthy of viewing.  If it is too amazing to be viewed I will make sure I post it in my personal blog that only I read.  No, it isn't a journal......its basically this blog.  Also, I will be posting an extra special post this week after Wednesday about a cool event I am attending.  Hopefully I can capture some cool footage if I am allowed.  Maybe snap a few pics as well!  Now get out, I have some things to attend to.  Come back later! 

Model a Week - Week 2


Hello to the both of you and welcome back for another installment of Model a Week!  'How could this week possibly be better than last week', is most likely what you are pondering.  I could tell you by using my adept skills in the language of English using verbs, nouns, adjectives and other launguagy things to paint beautiful mind pictures in your head, but alas, I know what you're here for and who am I to deny you?  Well, I am Cougan of course and I could deny you but because of the kindness you shower upon me I will not.


So, week 2 of Model a Week!  What did I create this week?



Is it a bus?  No, it is where they stop!  A bus stop!  You got it! Clever people you are and quite good looking as well.  Now with these shots it is hard to get a feel for the transparency of the glass so I grabbed these.


My bus stop in its natural habitat.....a school court yard.  Mild creatures they are, until provoked.  Only thing I couldn't get going were the reflections.  Anyone want to donate a beast of a laptop to me?  Here is a couple geo shot to go out on.


All in all this went rather well.  I wish I had the time to create my own poster ad instead of ripping off coke's but coke is good and now they owe me!  Free advertising.


Alright so it is done!  Week 2 in the books! Can i handle it for another week.......probably not but I have a whole week to come up with an awesome excuse about having to go on an epic adventure that involves slaying trolls and saving small villages and what not.  Yeah, it happens!  Alrighty people,  your welcome!  Next week, something similar but new, maybe............probably!  I treat you well!

Model a Week - Week 1

Hello, world full of people who are extremely interested in the on goings of my CG life!  I see you have forgiven yourself for last weeks realization that you were wrong about me not doing any modeling.  You are still a good person and I will forgive you.......someday.  Anyways, onto why this post is called "Model a Week - Week 1".


Me and my good buddy Bryan, who still has to create a website and a blog, decided that we are far too ambitious with the projects we decide to take on.  WIPs are always good to have but not if you never finish them.  We always have massive plans that get to a certain stage and begin to falter so we wanted to scale it all down and get something done.  This is the basis of our idea for a model a week.  Every week on Monday we pick a new prop, or in Bryan's case anything from models to matte paintings.  We work on it through the week and reveal it on the next Monday for crits and advice.  We figure that we will keep finishing based on the fact that the other will bring on the shame otherwise.  Genius idea so far as we both finished this week!  Now, the fruits of my labor!  Bask in its glory!


Wipe your tears of joy away from your Cougan admiring eyes and take it all in.  Do you want more?  Can you handle more?


BAM!  UV's and geo!  YES!  Alright, calm down and breathe.  There are more weeks to come and I need you alive to feed me endless praise.  


So, what did I learn from this week?  Time management is key.  Some extra work came to light and I had to do a few things at once so it threw me a bit but all got finished.  I had some troubles with overlapping alpha's that I need to mess with when I have some time and I have to find a way to make text a bit clearer at a lower resolution.  My maps are 1024x1024 and consist of diffuse, specular, normals and alpha's.  Photoshop, Maya, CrazyBump to produce and Marmoset to show off the goods.


This project ends and a new one begins.  Tune in next time at the same bat time and the same bat channel!  So original.

I've been......doin stuff!

Where did I go, what have I been doing, is what I am sure all of you are asking.  Was I taken to a different planet to become the leader of an alien race who has been devastated by corrupt kings of the past?  Probably.   If I was then clearly I am not allowed to talk about this quiet, peacful race as I am their protector.  Revealing anymore information could cause their destruction.  

So anywho, I have been workin on some stuff and I think I might just show it to you.  I know, I spoil you after about 2 months of not paying attention to you.  No need to thank me with praise, money will do!  First up, here is what state my mech is currently in!


I have the legs to res up still and then I will need to attach them.  Stupid robots.  Maybe I will make it a hover bot.  No legs just a huge jet engine on the bottom of the body.  Nah, eventually it will be a full mech, legs and all!  I always give you what you want.

Next up is the famous Ocean Breeze Inn!  Yes my CryEngine scene based on my sisters bed and breakfast in Guayabitos, Mexico that I finally got to visit!  An amazing place that I will be heading to as often as I can!  So here it is is 3D!



Still got work to do but its moving along.  I need to add some details to the patio chairs as well as model up some interior so it isn't so empty inside.  Plants still need to be made and I need to start messing with some lights.  Still gonna have to jack someone's comp to get some realtime reflections with DX11.  Damn my slow laptop!

So, that is what I have been up to along with vacationing at my sisters bed and breakfast!  Don't feel bad that you mis-judged my lack of updates as neglect.  You were wrong and its ok to admit it.  I will be posting on Monday with an update on a new strategy to take over the world with my buddy Bryan!  Should be good!  Your welcome.  Come back again.......you know you want to.

Work....to be continued.

It was a long tough week.  I have been battling the forces or evil/work and have struggled to find time to actually work on my sweet, sweet 3D.  Never fear my beloved followers, your word King has defeated the evilness and has an update of epic, 3D proportions!  Cue explosions and an uncharacteristic evil laugh that doesn't quite fit into any of this.


After having a nice conversation with my sister over skype I noticed some things that I some how completely over-looked.  Not sure how I could have missed them but I recall trying very hard to make sense of what essentially was just wrong.  Good thing too cause I never made sense of them.  Here are a couple screenshots of my progress.


So as you can see the space is slowly filling in.  No crazy details yet but I do have door knobs!  Alright calm down, I don't want to have to take anyone to the hospital because their heart skipped some beats.  Ignore the crazy redness, I have been having some troubles with the metal texture I am using on that stuff and am in the process of "fixing" it.  I have also started modeling some smaller objects.  Check it out, a bucket and a pool skimmer with no textures.


A new born baby has nothing on these two eh?  Amazing if you do say so yourself.  I will take your word for it.  Soon I will have to start working on the plants I will be potting and that will be a long tedious task that I only slightly look forward to.  I did some palm tree testing and I'll put it this way, not quite like the ones you see in those amazing pictures with the beautiful beach, white sand and blue ocean.  Some work to do on those.  I also looked into reflections and unfortunately real-time works if you have DX11.  My laptop does not meet the proper specs for that so I will be resorting to cube maps which will have to wait till the end as they basically take a 6 sided screenshot of your scene and use that for the reflection.  If I don't have everything in my scene then the "reflections" won't be very accurate.


Updates posted!  Not sure when the next 3D update will be because Monday at midnight (thanks Bryan), I will be receiving my copy of Halo 4 and lets face it, that will be taking up a generous amount of my time.  I couldn't be more excited.  Well, thanks for checking in and you still owe me a drink!  I will let it slide this time but I always remember to not forget!

Halo Binge!

Unfortunately I slacked a bit this week and didn't get much done in the CryEngine 3 department but I know you forgive me and would like to take me out for a beer.  Thank you, thats very kind of you and we can arrange a time soon.


I have been buried deep for the past couple months in my favorite universe!  Halo.  About 10 years ago I got myself an XBox and its flagship game Halo.  Brought that sucker home and I was lost in it.  Since then I have read all the books and comics, played all the games and bought me some sweet figures as well.  The last couple months I have read through the first two books in the Fourunner Trilogy, Cryptum and Primordium.  The Forunners are mostly a mystery to us and these books really get deep in to the backstory.  Cryptum is from the point of view of a Forunner name Bornstellar.  Not his full name but he has a huge one and I will let you discover it.  Hmmmm, that did not sound at all how I meant it.  Whatever, you like it!  The second one follows a human named Chakas and that is all I will say about these two.  You need to check em out for yourself if you want to know the depths to which Halo 4 can and will go.


Next up was Glasslands.  A lot more action in this one than the other two.  It describes a shaky alliance between the UNSC and what is left of the Covenant after the Great Schism.  A small group has been tasked with keeping the Elites fighting amongst themselves rather than taking out the human race.  At the same time Dr.Halsey, a group of Spartan II's and III's and Chief Mendez.  The story continues for these guys where Ghosts of Onyx left off.  This book really gets down and dirty with the Spartan program and brings to light all of the moral problems that the program has caused.  Wonderful read and it sets up the next book which I have coming to me from Amazon.ca, Thursday War.  This one will continue right where Glasslands left off and I am looking forward to it!


So Halo 4 comes out in about 2 weeks and it is going to be amazing.  Along with my copy comes the 90min, Forward Unto Dawn series.  I have been ignoring the episodes so that I can enjoy the greatness all at once along with the game.  I have been plaing through Halo Anniversary on Legendary for the last couple weeks and it it proving to be quite the challenge.  Slow and steady wins the race but I want to finish it before Halo 4 graces us with its beauty.  The launch trailer came out for it and it looks amazing!  Check it out!  Also, I just got Thursday War delivered!  What a coincidence.

So as you can see I have been busy regardless of what you all think.  So judgemental, I dont know why I bother putting up with you.  I could go on and on about all the games and books and all that but this is a universe and if I was to describe to you an entire universe it would most likely take a little while.  I understand that you wouldn't mind that but you will just have to wait till my next post to read my wonderful words.


Progress! What have I been doing......

Sunday was going to be my saving grace when it came to updating this but not much of a life always seems to get in the way of me doing anything to raise my oh so valuable internet cred.  Being known online is somehow more important then how good I look when I grace the world with my smile but I will get over it, grinning all the way!


So, production! Have I been busy?  Yes.  Got down to the nitty gritty with the CryEngine and got to importing my goods.  Hit a few walls and jumped over but saw the easier way around while I was up there so that I can avoid those walls as I move forward.  The scene I am creating is a replica of my sisters backyard in Quayabitos, Mexico.  Her kickass bed and breakfast which I encourage you to visit. http://oceanbreezeinn.yolasite.com/  Beautiful place!  Ok, screenshot time.

BAM!  Clearly a work in progress but it will be finished.........don't ask me when, that is a rude question and I will not have you questioning my "creative process".  I have a road ahead of me with this but I will know the CryEnigne well enough to state that I know the CryEngine.  Its an insanely sweet lookin, out of the box, Engine that works hard to make my gold into platinum!  Enjoy my updates as they come!  Next post will most likely be some nerdness about Halo.  Almost done Halo: Glasslands and its have been awesome so I wouldn't mind giving my 2 cents about it. 


Listen and enjoy!

And So I Try

Hello people of the internet.  I have tried such a thing before in the form of a blog and I have always failed to consistently maintain the pure entertainment that I provide after about 2-3 posts.  Here is my most honest and dedicated attempt to this day.  I will be relying on my friends and family to bug the crap out of me to keep this updated with my random stories, updates on my projects and anything else I decide you should read and be entertained by.  If I get lazy I will attempt to have a data base full of random writings that I can throw up.  I won't tell you which of my posts have been cheapened by my procrastination but it will be so enjoyable you won't even notice a difference and if you do then it is clearly your mind being over-saturated by too much of a good thing that I have been providing.   Don't question it, I know you too well.


Come back and visit again to check out what I wrote.  Remember, you will be back, I know you.

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