Japanese Carry Truck

Hello Everyone!  I have been gone for quite some time now I know.  The sadness you have felt can likely be attributed to the absence.  It is almost as if I don't care about you, but you would be wrong.  I care very much about you mainly because without you, I would be talking to myself.  Actually, that might not be entirely bad.  I am pretty interesting!  You are all so great!  Clearly, my greatness is contagious.  Anyways, I will proceed to the "goods" so to speak.


I have had some time to work on some personal work so here is what I have ben doing for the last week or so!



So there it is so far!  I did not stitch the halves together for the renders cause I am not fully done yet so forgive the harsh ridge down the middle of some pieces.  The main thing I have left is the dashboard.  SO many tiny shapes and what not!  I will be working on that this coming week.  Now for the end game!  DO any of you remember this?



I was working on this awhile ago and now would like to finish it.  The carry truck will be part of this.  After my high res version is done, I will bake the normals down to a lower res version and texture it for the CryEngine.  If all goes well it will look awesome and if not I will pretend I never mentioned it......as will you.  I have a ways to go but I have some time to go forward with it.


Thanks for dropping by!  I will keep this updated for now till something more important comes up then I will ignore it as if it was someone who talks too much and loves all aspects of dirt.  See you later!

Transformers Guns

My absence from my blog must have come as a shock to you all.  Sometimes life comes to you with something so large that you can not refuse it.  People who are above the rest of us, who operate in the shadows and change the way the world and its people evolve need the assistance of someone trained from birth for the sole purpose of helping those who should never require the help.  Things have happened and the world has changed in ways you will never know.  The human race has been changed and our futures altered, right down to each and every piece of our DNA.  Soon, you will all recognize these changes, just as you will all realize why these changes have been made.  Use what I have been trained to give you.  Do not disappoint the ones who came before me.  Show them that I have done my job and defend yourselves, your race, your planet.  Change, evolve, survive.


None of that happened.........or did it.  I am back at the 3D, though I am not continuing on with the last project I was working on.  I will get back to it but I wanted a break.  I decided to work on some modeling pieces, some guns.  Yes yes I know, everybody does guns!  These are different and I want to use them for a different purpose.  Kit bashing!  This is where you take random pieces and jam them all together to create a larger detailed piece.  Cool idea right, well, I needed to make some pieces.  I wanted to go a sci-fi route so that I can create cool ships and what not, so I did!


Transformers guns!  I got the art for them from the mobile game, Transformers Legends.  Every now and then I will model up a new one and add it to the special team of guns in hopes that I will eventually have enough pieces that I can create some cool ships and what not.  It is the plan, so shall it move slowly forward until I get bored with it and stop.  As is the process.  Its not like you have finished everything you started!  Yeah, that's right, go finish that book you were going to write or that comic you were going to create.........I'm sorry, I didn't mean to point out your short comings.  Like your cynicism towards my work process or your extreme sadness about me not blogging for a bit.  Gather yourself up.  Gees.


Will be back when I have something new to show!  Remember,  you need to use the gifts I have given you.  Become what you need to be.  See you next time!  No, kidding, nothing changed.  Maybe it did.  Bye!

Model a Week - Week 19

I am back!  I know you have probably already called the police and there is most likely an investigation into the so-called whereabouts of Mr.Cougan Waddell ESQ.  Well the reports of me aquiring the ESQ title have been greatly exaggerated though I don't see why I shouldn't be given the title.  I've seen the watches, nothing crazy special.  Heavy and bulky is all I see.  Anyways, Sir Cougan Waddell will show you what he did this week!


This week I decided to finish up another prop for the scene.  Have you ever been involved in an underground riot?  Oh, well I totally have!  I am always protesting transit policies by staging underground sit ins and what not.  Yeah, activist and all that.  So one of our post-protest rituals is to get hosed down, you know, group cleansing.  It is always a good time though the power from the hose can be a little much.  Anyways, this weeks prop is a tribute to the hose down!

Would you look at that.  A tiny little indoor hydrant all ready to be hooked to a hose that will be used to spray all us protesting hippies.  So much fun we will have being pushed down the walkway by a steady stream of water.  Just be dead weight everyone, just be dead weight.

There is some mesh for you there.  Simple but obviously perfect!  I am not quite sure what I will be working on next week but I will be sure to have something for you.  I am starting to learn MARI as well so I might even have a prop that has been textured in MARI.


Thanks for stopping by again and checking out the goods.  Again, I apologize for not posting last week but as you should have noticed by now, I was receiving my knightship and my esquire title.  Clearly had important stuff going on.  Don't be selfish you guys!  See you next week!

Subway Scene - Update 4

I am such a busy man.  I currently have two of the five people who follow this blog here visiting me today and yet I still managed to ignore them long enough to blow the other three peoples minds.  I need to focus on the other three because the two I have staying with me are already enthralled by my face.  It's because it is awesome!


Alrighty, on to what I will be blowing minds with today!  You have seen a lot of finished props all fully textured and lit so far but what I will show today is a bit different.  They are called, tiled textures.  These textures are used to optimize texturing of large areas while maintaining texture detail.   I will show you some of these textures along with the normal maps and specular maps so you get a good idea of how they will show up in a game engine.

Now to most of you this will look like a picture of a fancy floor tile.  That is because it is.  So smart you think you are.  The cool thing about this is the normal map.  The normal map creates a 3D effect by telling the light what to do when it bounces off the map.  When the light moves, the specular highlights will move across the map making it look like all the details have been modeled in when in fact, I just used the mystic powers I get from beheading other 3D artists.  There can be only one!

Tiling textures everywhere!  I hope you take notice of the specular hit in the middle of each of the textures.  This is to show the spec map and to accentuate the normal map as well.  Obviously this will not be exactly where the lights will land, it is just to show off the textures.


So there you have it!  These will mean more to you later once you see where these textures will be used but for now, use your damn imaginations.  I can't do everything around here!  I hope you enjoyed the look and you may even understand all the awesome work this actually is.  So good.  See you all next week...........maybe.

Subway Scene - Update 3

Yesterday it felt like I had missed something.  A paranoid feeling that a large amount of people were judging me for something I didn't do.  I couldn't figure out what it was and then I was attacked by one of my ravenous fans who was yelling, "the end of the world in nigh!"  He had a very thrifty hat on made of tinfoil that I believe he got at one of those new age stores that sell a pair of jeans for over $100.  After realizing that this man didn't know me and was actually homeless, I quickly remembered that I needed to write my blog!


This week I have made some changes to the Subway scene that I am going to share with you because, in grade 11, I was taught that sharing is good.  Now I could tell you all the changes I have made but that is nowhere near as cool as showing you.  Come over here into this dark corner and I will show you something you are going to like.

So as you can see I have made quite a few changes!  Added a lot more detail and although I am not ready to show it yet, I have also been working on some of my tiled textures.  Getting the spec and normals right so the diffuse can really snap, crackle and pop, Kelloggs Subway Station!  It has your daily intake of awesome, cool and sweet.  All those in one!  Amazing.

I still have a lot of work to do but for the most part it is ready for engine and textures.  I want to determine a lighting sceme once I get this in engine as well so that I can play with some shadows and see where most of the details will come out.


There it is!  How do you like that?  I am sure that homeless guy will be all over this once he checks his facebook and sees that I have posted it there.  That guy will do anything for some change.  Anyways, if you guys show up next week I may give you all some change as well!  NOT!  I don't get paid much at all so if you can find the homeless guy he might share with you.  I am sure he went to grade 11.  BYE!

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